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Dobinsons Spring & Suspension at its sole discretion will repair or replace any products supplied by them that breitling replica watches are found to be defective in either materials or workmanship providing that Dobinsons Spring & Suspension are actually notified in writing from the Client of the Omega Replica alleged defect within two years (2 years) from date of invoice for Coil Springs, Leaf Springs and Shock Absorbers, and within twelve months (12 months) from date of invoice for all other parts. Any claim not made within this period shall conclusively be deemed waived by the Client. Repair or replacement is pre-conditioned on the examination of the cheap iwc replica goods which on instructions from Dobinsons Spring & Suspension on, should be returned for further inspection to Dobinsons Spring & Suspension or to an Approved Importer.

Coil Springs listed in the catalogue have a 2 year warranty against the following:
Faulty Manufacture
Sagging (being loss of free height of more than 10mm)

Leaf Springs listed in the rolex replica watches catalogue have the 2 year warranty against the following:
Faulty Manufacture
Sagging (being the loss of free camber by more than 12mm)

Dobinsons Spring & Suspension products are designed for normal use and are in no way, covered under warranty should the vehicle be used in any form of extreme sports, competition racing or produce lift of 50mm or more. It is the responsibility of the fitter, to ensure that the customer or the owner of the vehicle is aware of the warranty conditions under which the products have been sold. It is highly recommended that the words "Suspension Components Fitted are for Normal Use Only. Warranty Void if used in extreme conditions" is written on their receipt to avoid any confusion.